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Utilizing Formulas in Microsoft® Excel®

OnDemand Webinar (62 minutes)

Learn how to unlock powerful Excel® formulas and features.This course provides a keen understanding of creating formulas and using the built-in functions for analysis and effective spreadsheet results. Expand your analytical capabilities and add a whole new level of depth and analysis to your worksheets. Learn how to perform calculations, return information, or manipulate the contents of other cells. Even if you already know how to apply basic formulas, you'll discover how to structure your formulas, including mathematical, textual, and logical, to get more out of Microsoft Excel.


Lauritta Sowa, WiseOwlOps, Inc.


Function vs. Formulas

• Most Common Formulas

• Creating a Formula

• Parts of a Formula

Using References

• Absolute References

• Relative References

• Mixed References

Understanding Workflows

• Arguments

• Order of Operations

• Nested Formulas and Functions


• Autocomplete

• Formula Bar

• Built-in Functions


• View All Formulas

• Show a Formula

• Printing Formulas