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Goal Getting

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Affirm the goal-setting approaches that are currently working for you and understand the reasoning behind the success so you can replicate it.

What gets measured gets done. This course is designed for two types of individuals, those that use lists for everything (their lists even have lists) and those that get excited about a new process or initiative but then have trouble sticking to it and allowing the new process to fall by the wayside. Both individuals will succeed in following the processes as a result of taking this program. This is not your typical goal-setting course because it focuses on the achievement of your most important goals and how driving business success makes it all happen.


Tony Kanak, Sales Evolution LLC


What's Working Currently

• Understanding the Goal Setting

• Components of a Goal

• Why You Can Succeed Even If Goal Setting Hasn't Worked in the Past

Setting Goal Levels

• What Gets Measured Gets Done

• Goal Levels and Where Goal Setters Fail

• Setting Your Own Personal Goal for Business

Self-Limiting Beliefs and Sabotage

• Eliminating Self Limiting Beliefs

• Avoiding Self Sabotage

• Identifying Other Obstacles

Goal Getting vs. Goal Setting

• Difference Between Goal Setting and Goal Getting

• Tying Together the Motivation and the Achievement

• Follow the Goal Getting Process

Take Action - Start Goal Getting

• How to Document Your Goal

• Identifying Obstacles to Your Achievement

• Recap and Final Takeaways