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Harness the Power of Analytics to Improve Customer Satisfaction

OnDemand Webinar (63 minutes)

Use analytics and other customer feedback resources to better understand your organization's customer experience.As a customer service or account manager, are you frustrated with never having enough analytics horsepower supporting your initiatives? As an account manager or a billing representative, do you find yourself confused when management orders from this week are a complete 180 from last week? As an analyst, are you frustrated with producing piles of analytics and insights that ultimately don't get used at all? Is dropping CSAT a constant topic of concern for you? In this topic, Piyanka Jain walks you through an award-winning and trending analytics framework that will help you solve complex, multi-faceted problems like dropping CSAT quickly while building bridges with partners on the other side of data/business.


Piyanka Jain, Aryng LLC



How Start-Ups Slip Important Metrics

The Best Way to Drill Into Your Data to Improve CSAT Scores

Using Simple Business Analytics to Solve Complex Business Problems

Learning to Ask Intelligent Questions of Your Data

Most Important Driver Metrics in the CSAT Report

Accelerated Analytics With BADIR - a Problem-Solving Framework

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