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The Fundamentals of Customer Advocacy

OnDemand Webinar (66 minutes)

Learn how to provide relevant solutions and act as a consultant for your customers while focusing on value rather than price.This topic provides insights on how you can be viewed by customers as a consultant who provides relevant solutions rather than simply a vendor whose primary focus is on price - being viewed for the value you bring, rather than the cost of the product. In this ever-evolving, uncertain world, this can be a true competitive advantage. The information provided will help you realize the benefits of how to drive company sales, profit and growth objectives while creating a clear competitive advantage. Create a clear point of differentiation for you, your product/service, and company. Discover ways to bring value rather than be viewed as a commodity. Be viewed for the value you bring vs. the price of your product or service. Discover how to uncover the real needs customers face, at various levels within their organization - mastering the art of effective account penetration. Pinpointing customer buying triggers and responses to so you can read them and leverage them to your advantage. Learn to optimize decision making skills - for you and your customers. Discover the pathway to long-term loyal customer relationships. This material will help you gain practical, real-world solution selling skills to create long-term sustainable success.


Steve Gavatorta, Steve Gavatorta Group


What Does Harley-Davidson® Sell?

• Creating a Point of Differentiation in the Eyes of Your Customer

• Making Emotional Connections

What Is a Consultant? What Is a Vendor?

• Consultants Sell Solutions; Vendors Sell Commodities

• Consultants Are Viewed for the Value They Bring; Vendors Viewed for Lowest Price

• Consultants Create Long-Term Loyal Customers; Vendors Create Transactional Relationships

Discovery of Client Needs and Issues to Solve

• Human vs. Business Dynamic

• It's Not Always About Price

• Discovery Buckets: Strategies - Tactics - KDM's

• Getting to the KDM

Aligning Relevant Solutions to Customer Problems

• Discovery Phase, Planning and Alignment

• Features Are Great, Solutions Are Better

Execution - the Forgotten Step

• The Sale Isn't Over at the Close

• Setting the Stage for a Long-Term Loyal Relationship

• Word of Mouth Prospecting Advantage


• The Golden Teddy Bear Story