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Creating a Successful Customer Service Plan

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Learn key skills for finding and building powerful advocates and a step by step process for implementing a successful customer service program.Having trouble implementing new systems for customer service? Are your good ideas being shot down? Building advocates within your organization is a critical step to redeveloping your customer service plan. Without support and cooperation throughout the organization, even great ideas have little chance of implementation.


Jeffrey K. Hansler, Oxford Company Consultants


Design Your Plan

• Everything Begins With Assessment, Awareness, and Acknowledgement

• The Innovation the Organization Needs Is Already Available - Just Hidden

• Somebody Needs to Pay for the Service - Nothing Is Free

Implement Your Plan

• Leadership Role

• Critical Communication

• Absolute Commitment Is Necessary

Evaluate Your Plan

• Plan to Adapt

• Measure Results

• Support the Frontline at All Costs

• If Things Are Not Working, Focus on the Right End of the Problem