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The Importance of Internal Communication: Building Advocates to Change Your Business

OnDemand Webinar (57 minutes)

Learn how to build advocates in order to see the business changes you want.Having trouble implementing positive change at work? Are your good ideas being shot down? Building advocates within your organization is a critical step to successful change. Without support from others, your ideas have little chance for implementation. This topic provides key skills for finding and building advocates, necessary characteristics for powerful advocate, and a step-by-step process for implementing change using advocates. The ability to employ advocates in change efforts is a true test of leadership and management.


Jeffrey K. Hansler, Oxford Company Consultants


Critical Link Between Advocates and Change

• Three Roadblocks to Change

• Three Actions to Create an Environment Open to Change

Qualities of Advocate and Advocate Buildings

• Characteristics of Advocates and Advocate Builders

• Three Essential Communication Skills

• Power Moves

Power Moves to Get It Done

• Target With Intention

• Five Techniques to Build Advocates

• Step by Step Example

Wrap-up and Final Discussion