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Customer Retention Strategies That Drive Profits

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Learn valuable customer retention strategies in order to drive profits for your company.Many organizations do not understand much less practice the strategies that are required to maximize customer lifetime value by nurturing powerful relationships that go well beyond simply selling. They see clients as individual transactions and focus on the sale rather than investing the time, effort and empathy that are ALL needed to convert mercenary clients to loyal customers into raving fans. This topic helps the persons responsible for acquiring and cultivating new client acquisition with immediately actionable tactics to find, engage, retain and maximize relationships with VIP/type loyal, profitable client relationships.


Ethan L. Chazin, M.B.A., The Chazin Group LLC


Overcome Customer Risks in Choosing You

• Identify and Minimize Client Risks in Their Selection Process

• Functional Risk

• Financial Risk

Different Skills Are Required at Every Stage of the Relationship

• Prospecting - Marketing Skills

• First Time Purchase - Sales Skills

• Repeat Purchase - Service Skills

• Apostle/VIP Customer Creation - Relationship Skills

The 5 Levels of Humanistic (Customer) Need

• Stated

• Real

• Unstated

• Delight

• Secret