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Mom was Right and Miss Manners had Your Back:Different and Effective Ways to Say Thank You to Your Customers

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

Making your customers feel appreciated can have a huge impact on the future business with them.Hate them or love them, thank you notes work. We know you're busy - after all, you're still working through your emails, aren't you. Who has time to write thank you notes? This topic provides you plenty of options to fit thank you notes into your daily routine so they can leverage more success into your life. Stop flushing opportunities to make a huge impact to others down the drain. This program clears up myths which might be holding you back and puts you in charge of your destiny. After hearing this information, you will never miss the opportunity to write a thank you note again. Even in today's busy world, you will understand the power of writing thank you's. You may even drop the keyboard and grab a pen to really make an impact.


Jeffrey K. Hansler, Oxford Company


Really Brief History of Thank You Notes

Hate'em or Love'em - Thank You Notes Work

• Why Don't People Write Them: You Already Know Why

• Who Writes Them?

• The Addicts Win

• The Science and Magic of Thank You Notes

Power Moves

• Systemize

• Communicating to Impress

• Communication Power

Notes for Success

• A Horse of a Different Color

• Thank You's Gone Wild

Heat Things up With Hot Tips

• Process Not Inspiration

• Dot the I's and Cross the T's

• Five Fast and Furious Hot Tips

Signed Sealed and Delivered