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Empowering Your Customer Service Team for Better Performance

OnDemand Webinar (64 minutes)

Adopt positive customer experience standards and learn how to empower your team for better performance.Organizations that do not have a standardized customer service policy are more likely to have unhappy and less engaged employees. There is lack of continuity, misunderstandings and confusion that is unnecessary and avoidable when there is consistent and practiced policies that employees are trained in with periodic updates and check ins. Putting the customer first is at the center of service design and delivery. This also means that seamless integration of delivery will contribute to a particular outcome and may also create higher revenues for the organization. Communication is the heart of any organization and empowering your employees with options translates into excellent customer service and happy employees. It is important to establish internal adoption and collaboration around these standards and moving towards an organizational culture that promotes excellent customer service.


Larry Hammond Sr., V1H Consulting


Keys to Consistent Service

• Why Does Customer Service Matter?

• Culture That Encourages Empowerment

• Praising Good Practices

Identifying Who Your Customers Are and Their Needs

• Demographics

• Managing Expectations

• Identifying General and Specific Customer Needs

Specific Customer Services Policies

• Greeting Customers

• Interaction Practices (Tone, Body Language, etc.)

• Acceptable Wait Times

• Return and Refund Policies

• How Much Decision Making Power Employees Have

• Solutions for Unhappy Customer

Tools, Resources, Final Takeaways

• Sales and Marketing Information

• Digital Business Tools

• Training

• The Bottom Line