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Effective Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Hold Time

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Hold time can be a major cause of customer dissatisfaction - understand how to reduce hold time and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Many customer service managers and representatives, account managers, credit and billing representatives, receptionist, technical and support representatives and administrative assistants are finding that hold time is becoming their enemy. They are looking for ways to reduce or eliminate hold time to increase their customer satisfaction. In this material the persons responsible for call center hold times will receive practical tips and tools on how to evaluate their environment to quickly reduce the negative effects of call holding. This topic will uncover areas and blocks that are keeping company representatives from giving exceptional customer service in a more timely way.


JJ Lauderbaugh, CMC, JJ Lauderbaugh & Associates


How to Evaluate Your Environment

• Look at All Departments Involved

• Discover What's Slowing the Calls

• Adjusting Necessary Areas

How to Reduce Hold Time

• Staffing for Call Volume

• Right Staff Selection

• Well Trained and Empowered Representatives

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction

• Statistics on Customer Complaints

• Expanding Employees' Authority

• On-Line Services and Call Routing

Training for Representatives and Staff

• Agents Defusing or Fueling Situations

• Hands-on Training With Feedback

• Improving Call Center Environment