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Creating and Implementing a Customer Service Manual

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Implementing a customer service manual will assist your team and increase customer satisfaction.Putting the customer first is at the heart of service design and delivery. This also means that seamless integration of delivery will contribute to a particular outcome. Creating a customer service manual is imperative to developing a culture of customer service excellence. Communication is the heart of any organization and a customer service manual is not only a communication tool it is a standardized method of establishing customer service satisfaction. By incorporating service goals, objectives and aligning these standards to organizational objectives customer service is less likely to suffer. It is important to learn the importance of gaining internal adoption and collaboration around these standards and moving towards an organizational culture that promotes excellent customer service.


Larry Hammond Sr., V1H Consulting Irma Vargas, V1H Consulting


Keys to Consistent Service

• Well Established Training and Manual

• Culture That Encourages Empowerment

• Praising Good Practices

Identifying Who Your Customers Are

• Demographics

• Managing Expectations

• Identifying General and Specific Customer Needs

Process and Procedures

• Identifying the Organization's Mission and Purpose

• Implementing Listening With Intention Around Customer Interactions

• Regularly Revisiting Systems, Procedures and Policies to Ensure Accuracy and Relevance

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