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How to Say "No" to a Customer and Keep Them Coming Back

OnDemand Webinar (45 minutes)

Learn how to say no, professionally, compassionately, and with clarity.In today's world, where customers are accustomed to being the center of the universe, receiving custom solutions, and having everything their way, it's harder than ever to say 'no' without a range of repercussions. And yet, sometimes no is the appropriate response, not just for your department or organization, but for your customers as well. You can't keep saying yes and remain viable. Nor should you say yes, knowing you can't deliver on the promises you're making. So, what's a customer service professional to do? The good news is that you can and should say no at times to your customers for the betterment of all. This topic teaches you how to say no, professionally, compassionately, and with clarity! Learn how to say no without guilt, shame, or embarrassment, yet do so in a way that paves the way for alternatives that ultimately serve your customers and your organization better, solidifying their allegiance, trust, and loyalty. Turn rebuffs into redirection; and provide meaningful alternatives, options, and opportunities to redefine success, restore customer confidence in you, and strengthen allegiance going forward. Oh yes, you can!


Craig Harrison, Expressions of Excellence! (TM)


The Customer Service Compact

• The Partnership

• Your Roles: We Serve and Support, Please and Protect

• The Underlying Concept: Expectation Management

What to Know About No

• The Neuroscience of Magic Mood-Altering Words, for Better or Worse

• What the Customer Hears vs. What We Mean

• The Importance of No and Our Ability to Use It for the Greater Good of All

The Mechanics of Saying No

• The Words and Ways of Saying No

• Your Tone of Voice

• Your Body Language and Gestures

• Face-to-Face, Online, and via Phone

• Phraseology

Expressing Empathy

• Why It Matters More Than You Realize

• How to Do It: Phraseology

• Bullet

The Road Back

• Ways of Turning Rejection Into Redirection

• A Choice of YESes

• Reaffirming the Partnership

• Building Customers for Life Through Transparency, Trust, Loyalty, and Partnership