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Top Motivators for Customer Service Professionals

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn how best to keep your customer service team staff for the long term and motivate them to perform well.Most organizations disincentivize their employees who are responsible for delivering customer care. The management team creates toxic workplace environments; they don't hire/recruit the right individuals who are driven to excel at delivering customer care and fail to empower/motivate their customer service professionals to actually deliver exceptional service. This topic will help the persons responsible for delivering care to your customers to be able to treat your clients like the second most invaluable asset they truly are, behind ONLY your employees.


Ethan L. Chazin, M.B.A., The Chazin Group LLC


Let Your People Control Their Own Work

• Best Practices

• Eight Questions for Your Leadership Team.

• Self-Concordance

Douglas Macgregor Theory X and Y

• Carrot or the Stick

• Worker Autonomy

Self-Directed Teams

• Best Practices

• Eight Step Process to Implement

Employee Idea Generation Program

• Key Considerations

• How to Implement

Getting Rid of Employee Performance Reviews

• Once a Year Reviews Are Meaningless

• From Manager to Direct Report Is Meaningless

• Informal, Constant Feedback via Positive Reinforcement Is the Ideal

Fire Managers; Hire Transformational Leaders

• Management Is Detrimental to Your People's Motivation

• Leadership Is Required to Fully Engage Your Employees

Conduct a Human Capital Audit

• How to Recognize, Action Plan and Implement Your People's Unused Skills, Education, Training, Certifications, Experience

Intrinsic Motivation

• Employee "Flow"

Hire Super Star Employee Characteristics

• Never Hire Purely From Job Descriptions

• The Power of Behavioral Interviewing to Find Super Stars