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Overcoming Language Barriers to Provide Great Customer Service

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

Ensure proper service levels are in place to aid your financial and brand success.Jack Welch, the famous CEO of GE in the 1980's, stated that the power of business is boundarylessness. In today's technological high-speed world, business is conducted without limitations. Business is quick. Yet while spontaneity is fruitful, obstacles occur without tremendous focus on customer relationships. The customer is the reason for the business and not an interruption of it. As business owners, and senior leaders it is your job to ensure proper service levels to aid your financial and brand success. Having proper tools allows your firm to work smarter not harder in a competitive globalized world. This material will instantly provide tips, techniques and myths to assist you become a better sales negotiator and bring in more revenue to you and to the company.


Drew Stevens, Ph.D., Stevens Consulting Group


Why Customer Service Is Crucial to Every Business

How Customer Service Relates to the Bottom Line

People, Products, Pandemic and the Demographic Mix of Customers

Multicultural Words and Phrases That Can Be Confusing

Why Being Global and Acting Local Is Crucial to Success

The Power and Prejudice of Body Language on Video or Direct Interaction

How Pictures Can Say a Thousand Words in Any Language

Best Practices for Planning and Preparing Your Staff

Is Outsourcing the Best Method