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7 Ways to Triple ROI on Cold Emails

OnDemand Webinar (37 minutes)

Learn how to warm up your cold emails to generate more revenue and crush your sales quotas.

What if you could triple your ROI by using a few techniques to make your cold emails a bit warmer? Logan Young will walk you through:

  • How to drive warmer traffic down your funnel by using your current email lists to seed influential people with authoritative content.

  • How to increase ROI by pimping out your LinkedIn® (featuring sites you publish to, accolades and positive mentions) to show your authority, then spreading your influence with micro-targeting on Facebook® and LinkedIn® via ads.

  • How including specific recommendations aligned with your audience's goals will increase interest in email campaigns so they will want to learn more and engage with your message (e.g. tell the boutique doughnut shop in Portland how Instagram® ads with mouth-watering creatives shared by local influencers and targeted to local adults making over $50k has potential to increase traffic to their store).

  • How you can work on efficiency to achieve more conversions through increasing your appointment rates with calendar appointment tools like Calendly®, AppointmentCore, and Fancy Hands®.

You'll see real world examples of a properly nurtured audience, and learn the proven techniques on how to achieve it for yourself. We'll also demonstrate a few great examples of bad lead generation and give a tutorial on how they could have been improved. We're excited to help your campaigns succeed.


Logan Young, BlitzMetrics


How to Make a Cold Email Appear Warm

• By Using Custom Audiences on Facebook®, Google®, and Twitter® to Warm Them up Prior to Your Sending

• Demonstrating Custom Audience and Seeding Them With Authoritative Content

• Users Won't Realize It's an Ad or Remember Where It Came From

How to Personalize Your Email to Appear Less Cold

• By Injecting Authority

• Keeping It Short

• Not Using Images

• Making It Look Like a Personal Note

How to Increase the Open/Response Rates on Cold Email

• By Pimping out Your Linkedin® (Since It Will Pop up on Rapportive and Other Sidebar Tools)

• Sending First Thing in the Morning (When Open Rates Are Higher)

• Increasing Brand Awareness by Micro-Targeting on Facebook® and Linkedin®

• By Segmenting Your Messages

How to Increase Interest in Your Email Campaigns

• By Taking Time to Personalize Each Message With Something so Relevant That a Robot Couldn't Have Sent the Message

• By Mentioning Something Their CEO or Superior Has Said Recently in the News (Relevant to What You're Selling)

• By Including One Specific Recommendation You Have for Them (so They Will Want to Meet to Hear the Other Ones You Have)

How to Increase Appointment Rates

• By Integrating Calendar Appointment Tools Like Calendly®, AppointmentCore, Fancy Hands®, and, so You Don't Go Back and Forth Trying to Set Times