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Electronic Communication Etiquette: What Every Customer Service Professional Should Know

OnDemand Webinar (70 minutes)

Update your e-communication skill set to build relationships and get the results you're looking for.

In the modern workplace, it is not uncommon for much - and sometimes most - of your professional communication to transpire via the telephone or other electronic mediums such as email and instant messaging. In fact, for many business professionals, the majority of their workday is spent listening to, or reading, and then responding to phone and other electronic correspondence. Despite the importance of these ubiquitous skills that ALL professionals must use, many people lack an understanding of the key components and principles that lead to the creation of outstanding phone and e-communication that get results. This topic will highlight best practices when communicating via phone, email, instant messaging, and various social media platforms. More importantly, it will show you the vital role that e-communication plays in effectively building and managing relationships, which is the most important skill of all in the professional workplace.


Jordan Jensen, Ed.D., Freedom Focused LLC


E-Communication and Professional Relationships

• A Means of Effective Intra- and Inter-Office Communication

• Makes for Ease and Convenience, but Not a Cure-All

• Tools for Building Quality Interpersonal Office and Client Relationships

E-Communication Best Practices and Etiquette

• Phone and Voice Messaging

• Email

• Text and Instant Messaging

• Social Media Mediums

- LinkedIn®

- Twitter®

- Facebook®

- Instagram®

- Other

E-Communication Practices to Avoid

• Common Pet Peeves

• The "Courtroom Test"