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Creating and Analyzing Customer Satisfaction Surveys

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)
  • Learn the importance of using customer satisfaction surveys to measure and improve service quality.The importance of understanding your customers' needs and expectations cannot be overstated. This knowledge should be the cornerstone on which an organization determines its overall direction and strategic business plan. Customer feedback can be utilized to: Identify the changes needed to provide customers greater value and positive experiences - while strengthening relationships Determine your customers' perceptions of your organization's current performance - including a comparison to your key competitors Provide direction and standards of performance to your employees And drive enhanced profits and growth. But designing and conducting an effective customer satisfaction survey involves a series of specific initiatives. This topic will arm you with those best practices.


Pete Tosh, The Focus Group


Why Bother to Survey Your Customers?

• Capturing Your Customers' Expectations and Their Definition of Value

• Creating Positive Customer Perceptions in Order to Generate Customer Loyalty

• Utilizing Surveys to Increase Your Market Share, Profits and Shareholder Value

Determining Your Customer Survey Objectives

• Who Will Use This Information?

• What Do the Users Plan to Accomplish With the Data?

• What Information Will Allow the Users to Achieve Their Objectives?

• Which Customer Segment[s] Will You Want to Survey?

Identifying the Product and Service Attributes Most Important to Your Customers

• Value = What Your Customers Get [Products, Services and Experiences] vs. What It Costs Them [Price and Effort]

• Utilizing Depth Interviews and Focus Groups to Determine What's Most Important to Your Customers

• Letting Your Customers Tell You What to Survey

Selecting Your Best Survey Methodology

• The Pros and Cons Associated With Each of Several Survey Methodologies

• The Issues That Should Determine Which Survey Methodology You Use

Designing Your Survey Questionnaire

• Five Subsections of a Survey Questionnaire

• Steps in Designing a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

• Multiple Types of Available Questions

Developing Your Sampling Plan

• Factors to Use to Determine the Size of Your Sample

• Sampling Process Steps

Analyzing and Utilizing Your Customer Feedback

• Commonly Utilized Techniques for Analyzing Survey Results

• Creating an Action Plan to Make Your Organization Known for Doing Those Things Most Valued by Your Customers