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Handling Multiple Calls and Customers With Ease

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Increase customer service satisfaction while maintaining a balance of pride and effectiveness.When the global pandemic was declared in March of 2020, companies all over the world felt pressured to adapt to a new business environment. Service departments experienced a surge of customers demanding solutions. A surge in customer service means a surge in call volume and when call volume is high, wait times increase and customer satisfaction falls. However, despite the drastic changing world, even post-COVID-19 surges in customer service and high call volumes are not anything new or unordinary. This material will prepare the customer service agent with concepts that will provide actionable steps to increase customer service satisfaction while maintaining a balance of pride and effectiveness for the agent. There are various techniques and solutions that will create a more successful interaction with the team members and customers which provide the customer or client; and teams with a healthier overall outlook, decreasing stress levels, and increasing engagement for positive outcomes.


Irma Vargas, V1H Consulting


Understand Your Role

• What Is the Company Mission?

• What Are Your Internal and External Resources?

• Best Practices in Customer Service

Improving Customer Experience

• Minimize Hold Time

• Using Resources Effectively

• Create an Effective Customer Contact Template

Customer Service - Internal

• Who Are Internal Customers?

• Excellent Internal Customer Service

Customer Service External

• Who Are External Customers?

• Excellent External Customer Service