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7 Skills of a Successful Sales Person

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Learn effective and professional skills to achieve sales goals and boost revenue.Do you lead a sales team or are you on a sales team? Why are some sales people more successful than others? Don't they have the same access to leads, marketing, sales scripts and presentation techniques? Why can't we nail this? There are NO tips, tricks or 'secret sauce' to be a top sales professional that I know of. After 30 years as sales professional I have followed certain principles that have allowed me to enjoy success. This success is a direct result of 7 skills that for me have proven to work and help me avoid some of the common traps we fall into, being a professional visitor, quoting, chasing the 'qualified lead' and looking for the 'magic' script or close.


Lloyd Lofton, LUTC, 7 Figure Sales Tools


7 Sales Skills You Need to:

• Manage Your Activity

• Honor Your Time With the Right Prospect

• Have Prospects Tell You What They Want

• Sell the "Right" Thing

• Execute a Successful Sales Strategy

Some of the Most Common Questions Salespeople Have

• How Many Times Should I Call a Prospect?

• What Approach Is the Most Likely to Get Sales?

• What Is My Message?