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Essential Questioning and Listening Skills for Customer Service Professionals

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Increase engagement with your customer by creating a better communication partnership through simple question and listening skills.Increase engagement with your customers by creating a better communication partnership through simple question and listening skills. When you don't ask, you can't sell. And when you don't listen ... you destroy trust, inhibit call resolution and often lose market share as a result. Is this any way to run a call center or help desk? Mastering essential questioning and listening skills help you connect better with customers to close calls faster, identify systemic problems costing you money, uncover additional client needs which lead to upsell and cross sell opportunities and strengthen customer loyalty. The correlation is clear. This content teaches you to ask better questions, listen actively and with empathy, understand the importance of meta-messages, and puts you in sync with your customers, their pain and pride, their needs and wants. Optimize your phone time through better questioning and listening skills.


Craig Harrison, Expressions Of Excellence! (TM)


Why Questions Matter: History and Application of Questions Across Professions

• Types of Questions: Closed, Open and Rhetorical

• How and When to Use Each Type of Question

• Leading Through Questioning

Listening - the Power of This Forgotten Communication Skill

• Quotes and Selected Facts and a Quiz on Listening

• Levels of Listening and Conspiracies to Distract You

• Active Listening and Its Role in Quelling Concerns, Avoiding Escalations and Closing Calls Quicker

Understanding the Meta-Message Within the Message

Questions and Listening: A Communication Partnership

• Using Questions to Gather Information, Gauge Emotions, and Control the Interaction

• The Role of Vocal Variety, Tone, Inflection, Pauses and Mirroring

• How to Use Questions to Engage and Disengage

• Scripts and Phraseology for Disengaging and Importance of Last Impressions

Those Difficult Customers

• Questions to Calm, Quell and Pacify Disgruntled and Irate Callers

• Using Choice Questions to Obtain Customer Buy-in to the Solution

• Out of Bounds: Handling Inappropriate Behavior Like Profanity, Ad Hominem Attacks, etc.

Gender and Global Concerns

• Differences by Gender

• Language Challenges

• Leveraging Technology