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Appropriate and Effective Goal Setting Strategies for the Customer Service Representative

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Understand the proper ways to set CSR goals that will motivate and ultimately give your clients a better experience.The pressure of responding to client calls may sometimes create an unmanageable process that instead of drawing clients closer to your company, actually drives clients away. Therefore, setting CSR goals that are reasonable and providing training to new customer service representatives is critical. If the goal setting metrics are unreasonable, the CSR will not try to attain them. This topic helps customer service to understand and communicate the importance of their role to staff, then use their top and second tier performers' results to guide the goal setting in the future. This process leads to happier CSRs. For customer service representatives, it provides a structure to create their own goals to present to their managers for the coming months. This creates a perception of an individual who has the ability to lead. More importantly, it leads to happier clients.


Bill Humbert, Provacative Thinking Consulting Inc


Why Are Customer Service Representatives Important?

• Face to the Public

• Product/Service Knowledge Professionals

• Build Client Confidence in Product/Service

What Is an Easy to Remember Way to Set Goals?


• Importance of Proper Goal Setting

• Getting Traction With Goal Setting for CSRs

How Do You Set CSR Goals?

• Identify the Complexity of Their Knowledge Required

• Understand the Time It Takes to Learn Products

• Communicate the Importance of CSRs

• What Is Your Experience With Your Excellent CSRs Learning and Applying Product Knowledge?

• In Company's Experience, How Many Calls Should a CSR Be Able to Handle After One Month, Three, 6, 9 and 12 Months?

• How Long Does It Take to Apply Upselling to Customer Communications?

Motivating CSRs

• Internally Motivated

• Externally Motivated

• Importance of Recognition