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Sales Team Management Best Practices

OnDemand Webinar (63 minutes)

Gain valuable tips and strategies when managing a diverse sales team by understanding how to manage performance, meetings, and time.Would you like to improve the results of your sales team? You will learn the cutting edge skills, knowledge, and tools needed to improve your team's performance. This in-depth topic covers four critical sales management abilities: managing performance and tasks, sales development coaching, building a first-rate culture and sales leadership. This topic will benefit both experienced and newly promoted sales managers.


Linda P. Kester, Institute for Personal Development


Build a First Rate Sales Culture/ Leadership

• Strong Sense of Purpose

• Leadership

• Accountability for Results

• Feedback

Manage Performances

• Right People in the Right Roles: Specialize Your Team Into Dedicated New Business Generators and Account Managers

• Retain Top Producers: Training, Tools, and Recognition

• Challenge Underperformers

• Constantly Look for New Reps

• Manage Tasks

Sales Meeting Strategies

• Sales Results

• Success Stories

• Best Practices

• Transaction Strategy

• Role Play

• Business Plan Reviews

Coach and Mentor Salespeople

• Conducting Regular, Results Focused Meetings

• Results Review

• Pipeline of New and Existing Prospects

• Remove Obstacles

• Record Telephone Calls

• Strategies to Visit Top Accounts Together

• Coach Development