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How to Ask the Right Questions for Sales Success

OnDemand Webinar (61 minutes)

Ask the right questions - every time - that turn prospects into customers, and customers into loyal customers.

Ever feel like you have great solutions but customers won't listen? Or they listen but don't act? The reality is that what we say does little to persuade prospects. It's when we ask the right QUESTIONS, we're able to uncover what they really value (and it's rarely price). That's when the sale occurs. But not any questions will do. You need a plan. Learn how to develop great questions that zero in on the key motives that will prompt customers into action. When you ask the right questions, you empower your customers to discover for themselves the answers they're looking for, while positioning yourself as the ideal solution to their needs. The results: more sales with less effort.


Paul Cherry, Performance Based Results


Close More Sales With the Right Questions

• Learn Why Most of the Questions You Ask Now Are Costing You Money and Opportunities

• Solution Selling Begins With Asking

• Up-Sell and Cross-Sell by Asking Power Probing Questions

Sell at Higher Margins and Shorten Your Sales Cycle

• Engage Customers Who Make the Decision

• Ask the Right Questions to Avoid Stalls, Put-Offs and Objections

• Stretch Your Customer's Comfort Zone to See You as the Ideal Solution

The Right Questions Lead to the Right Outcomes

• Uncover What They're Not Telling You but You Need to Know

• Learn How to Get a Guarded Person to Divulge Critical Buying Information

• Listen for the Trigger Words That Elicit Emotions - Clues You Need to Sell to