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A Great B2B Relationship: Creating a Long Term, Mutually Beneficial Relationship With Your Customers

OnDemand Webinar (48 minutes)

Understand how to create a great business to business relationship and keep your customers happy.

In today's world of B2B sales, the rules have dramatically changed. Everything has become a commodity. The only thing that sets good salespeople or customer success employees apart is the quality of the human 1:1 relationship that each person has with their customers/clients.

Most companies now use some form of customer satisfaction surveys to check the temperature of the business relationships. Unfortunately, most companies use a methodology that is old fashioned and only measures the customer's response. With today's SaaS technologies, you can now learn more by surveying the sales teams and measuring their responses against your customers. This provides a true 360 degree view of the buyer/seller relationship.

Focus on the building blocks of creating great business relationships and how companies can learn more about their customers, identify relationship blind spots and create more cross sell and up sell opportunities.


Geoff Miller, SalesEQUITY


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