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Delivering Customer Experience 3.0 Which is Proactive, Preventive and Profitable

OnDemand Webinar (55 minutes)

Unlock your organization's full potential with Customer Experience 3.0. Be proactive, preventative, and engaging.

Customer Experience 3.0 (CE 3.0) goes beyond great service to be proactive, preventive and engaging across the entire customer lifecycle. It produces higher loyalty, revenue and margins as well as greater positive word of mouth (WOM). Positive WOM results in significantly lower marketing expenses. CE 3.0 uses low cost/no cost approaches to delight. Finally, anticipation and proactivity lead to lower service costs by reducing contacts by as much as 30%. The good news is that all these impacts can be quantified in a manner that the CFO and CMO will accept. This strategy has been successfully implemented in a score of Fortune 100 companies as well as technology startups, construction companies and individual car dealers.


John Goodman, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting LLC


Customer Expectations and Behavior

CE 3.0 - Proactive, Preventive and Engaging

Four Phases for Customer Journey Design

Creating a Business Case for Great Service

How Tech Is Critical and Working With the CIO

Checklist to Evaluate Your Current Approach vs. CE 3.0