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Providing Stellar In-Person Customer Service: Your Action Plan

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Imagine if every one of your customer service representatives communicated with more clarity, tact, and finesse, even under pressure - and with difficult customers. Imagine if your reps had a clear plan of action when dealing with specific challenging customer service situations they face on a daily basis rather than just winging it or doing the best they can. Now is your opportunity to take your customer service and move it up several notches - to the top rung.

We all know the impact customer service has on our bottom line. Customer service starts with the first person your customer meets at your organization, and the level of service provided directly impacts the perceived value of your company and its products and services. The more employees can learn to take advantage of opportunities to provide stellar customer service, the more money your company makes - it's that simple.

During this OnDemand Webinar, you will learn specific visual and verbal techniques they can immediately implement when dealing with customers. From listening strategies that enable representatives to hear what the customer is really saying, to body language techniques that send the right visual messages, to techniques that turn difficult customers into raving fans - this program delivers tools that will enable your company's representatives to amaze your customers with their new-found level of service and professionalism.


Dan O'Connor, Power Diversity, LLC


Setting the Right Tone

• Project an Image of Superior Customer Service Within the First 30 Seconds

• Use Visual Cues That Demonstrate an Attitude of Stellar Customer Service

• Gain Trust and Respect From the Start - So That Mistakes Don't Matter as Much

Verbal Customer Service Strategies

• Simple Free-Style Scripting Techniques You Can Use to Deal With a Variety of Situations

• Danger Phrases to Eliminate From - and Power Phrases to Add to - Your Verbal Repertoire

• Opening Lines and Closing Lines to Help You Begin and End on a High Note

Body Language Techniques

• Project the Image of an Engaged, Empathetic, Active Listener

• Encourage Cooperation and Collaboration Using Visual Strategies

• Match the Tone of What's Being Said With the Visual Message Being Projected

Difficult and Challenging Customers

• View a Difficult Customer for What He or She Really Is - A Golden Opportunity

• Re-Establish Trust and Confidence With a Disappointed or Angry Customer

• Avoid Making the Most Common Mistakes People Make When Dealing With Upset Customers

• Use Simple Power Phrases to Win Over Angry or Emotionally-Charged Customers