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Hiring, Training and Managing a Customer Service Agent With No Walls

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

With the ever growing popularity of virtual workforces, the way call centers recruit, train and manage customer service representatives has evolved. Attracting a customer service representative who has the skill sets to work outside of the traditional brick and mortar location has proven to be challenging for call center leaders looking to take advantage of a workplace without walls. Just as daunting are the decisions that have to be made around how that virtual employee is trained and managed throughout their tenure.

This OnDemand Webinar shares the lifecycle of a virtual call center representative with World Travel Holdings. This organization sent its first employees home almost 10 years ago. This experience provides a unique opportunity to hear best practices from recruiting/training to managing employees that are never seen. You will walk away with a great case study on how to successfully deploy or enhance your call center's work at home strategy.


Stacy Lowman, World Travel Holdings
Karen Reynolds, World Travel Holdings


Recruiting for a Virtual Call Center - The Virtual Customer Service Representative Requires a Unique Subset of Competencies to Be Successful in a Remote Environment

• Core Competencies, Applicant Tracking, and Assessment

• Technology/Considerations

• Logistical Requirements

Training - It Can Be Difficult to Keep Virtual Representatives Engaged in the Learning Process; That Task Is Amplified When They Are Not in a Physical Call Center - But It Can Be Done Very Successfully

• Highly Interactive On Boarding Program

• Technology Considerations

• Tracking/Measuring Performance

Managing - Keeping a Customer Service Representative Connected With Their Organization's Culture and Engaged Is Key to Their Long Term Success

• Best Practices for Managing a Virtual Customer Service Workforce

• Tools for Compliance

• Engagement Best Practices