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Overcoming Language Barriers to Provide Great Customer Service

OnDemand Webinar (83 minutes)

These reference materials are designed for any professional who communicates regularly with clients or customers who have a strong foreign accent or natural speech impediment.

Not everyone has the ability to understand those who pronounce words differently. For most of us, good communication skills must be learned and developed. These reference materials provide practical tips and shortcuts on how to "connect" with others in spite of the linguistic differences. On-line customer service skills, interpersonal communication, and cross-cultural awareness are just a few of the many topics of covered in these reference materials.


William C. Harvey, M.S., Language Services Institute


All Aboard …

• How the U.S. Population Has Changed in Recent Years

• How Multiculturalism Has Impacted the World of Customer Service, Sales Strategy, and Technical Support

• A Look at Presenter's Training Experience in Languages, Diversity, and Foreign Accent Reduction

Power Lines . . .

• Verbal Expressions Which Allow Us to Better 'Connect' With Any Customer or Client

• Courtesies and Remarks That Stimulate a Positive Response in Every Civilization

Self-Teaching Techniques . . .

• Becoming More Linguistically Aware in Order 'To Be in Another Person's Shoes'

• Insights on How Most Immigrants Acquire English as a Second Language

• Sounds That Consistently Impede Upon the Proper Pronunciation of English

Talking Tips . . .

• Guidelines for Communicating More Effectively With a Limited English Speaker

• Key Word Focus, the Do's and Don'ts, and Active Listening Skills

• Maintaining Communication On-Line and on the Telephone

Communication Plus . . .

• A Quick Look at Silence, Tone of Voice, Paralanguage, and Nonverbal Behavior

• Focusing on 'How' We Speak to Customers Instead of 'What' We Want to Say

The Reasons Why . . .

• The Barriers of Appearance, Personality, Life Experience, Beliefs, and Intelligence

• How to Recognize These Factors Before They Impact the Way We Communicate

Dealing With the Difference . . .

• When Culture, Gender, and Ethnic Differences Create Barriers to Better Relations

• How Labels, Biases, and Generalizations Effect How We 'Talk' to One Another

• Tips on How to Avoid Such Barriers and How to Employ Healthy Business Practices

As for You . . .

• Suggestions on How to Check Up on One's Own Personal Work Habits

• How to Reach Those Co-Workers Who Struggle With the Same Concerns

Be Aware . . .

• Learning About Others in Order to Improve Customer Relationships

• Where to Learn More About Foreign Accent Research, Interpersonal Communication, and Accent Reduction Programs

Overcoming Language Barriers Made Simple . . .

• Conference Summary and Closing Remarks

• Questions and Answers