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Selling to the Big Dogs: It Can be Done

OnDemand Webinar (85 minutes)

Most entrepreneurs and sales professionals struggle to reach their sales goals on a monthly basis, usually getting stuck in the same place. However, when they release their limiting beliefs and begin to focus on their top 20% of clients, everything begins to shift for them. If you are ready to get to the next level - and let go of what's been stopping you from working with the "big dogs" - then get ready to make a change. Ursula shares why sales professionals and entrepreneurs fail at selling to the "big dogs" and what you can do to reach them. Get ready to grow your sales.

This presentation will demonstrate:

  • Why limiting beliefs and fears keep you right where you are
  • The power of intention in everything you do
  • The importance of creating a powerful sales conversation
  • Why you must have a sales formula that works
  • And more!

This OnDemand Webinar is for experienced sales professionals and entrepreneurs as well as those who are just getting started. An excellent topic to jumpstart a sales team, group or individual.


Ursula Mentjes, Sales Coach Now


Why Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs Fail at Selling to the 'Big Dogs'

• Statistics Clearly Show Why a Lack of Follow up Negatively Impacts Success With Large Accounts

• Limiting Beliefs and Fear About Selling to the 'Big Dogs' Prohibit Sales Success

• Lack of Understanding That 'Big Dogs' Can Have Longer Sales Cycles - and How to Successfully Manage That Process

Identifying the 7 Sales Blocks

• Lack of Intention and Follow Up

• Lack of Clarity With the Top 20% - Identifying Those 'Big Dogs'

• Unclear Plan Regarding How to Reach a 'Sales Stretch Goal'

• Sales Conversations Aren't Converting Due to a Lack of Proper Sales Scripting

• Lack of Qualified Appointments and an Understanding of How to Fill the Sales Funnel

Afraid to Ask for the Big Dollars and How to Negotiate and Close Larger Sales