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Top Motivators for Customer Service Professionals

Live Webinar
March 4, 2021
1:00 pm ET (12 pm CT, 11 am MT, 10 am PT)
1 hour 30 minutes
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Let Your People Control Their Own Work
  • Best Practices
  • Eight Questions for Your Leadership Team.
  • Self-Concordance
Douglas Macgregor Theory X and Y
  • Carrot or the Stick
  • Worker Autonomy
Self-Directed Teams
  • Best Practices
  • Eight Step Process to Implement
Employee Idea Generation Program
  • Key Considerations
  • How to Implement
Getting Rid of Employee Performance Reviews
  • Once a Year Reviews Are Meaningless
  • From Manager to Direct Report Is Meaningless
  • Informal, Constant Feedback via Positive Reinforcement Is the Ideal
Fire Managers; Hire Transformational Leaders
  • Management Is Detrimental to Your People's Motivation
  • Leadership Is Required to Fully Engage Your Employees
Conduct a Human Capital Audit
  • How to Recognize, Action Plan and Implement Your People's Unused Skills, Education, Training, Certifications, Experience
Intrinsic Motivation
  • Employee "Flow"
Hire Super Star Employee Characteristics
  • Never Hire Purely From Job Descriptions
  • The Power of Behavioral Interviewing to Find Super Stars


Live Webinar$99Register Now