Seminar ID: 100361

Using Geographic Information to Provide Better Customer Care

Presented By:
Andrew C. Studee

Managing Director
Crescendio, LLC

You will Learn:

  • Improve customer service
  • Gain valuable insight into contact center best practices
  • Improve customer service training practices
  • Make better use of available data
  • Improve product offerings

It is tempting to believe that where customers are physically located no longer matters. High-speed Internet is widely available and communication tools such as text messaging, email, teleconferencing, video chat and social media have made people more accessible than ever before. Organizations can be out of touch with the physical locations of their callers, which can increase costs and result in poor customer service. However, geography still matters. This 10-minute webinar will help senior contact center and business leaders take the necessary steps to increase awareness of customer geography to improve customer care. This webinar will also explain ideas and best practices.