Seminar ID: 100545

Self-Motivation: What Do You Stand For?

Presented By:
Craig Harrison

Expressions of Excellence! (TM)

You will Learn:

  • Other peoples' personal mission statements, which will inspire you
  • How to articulate your own values as a professional: what you stand for and your own commitment to your work
  • How personal mission statements give us a power to overcome negative customers, down days and a sometimes thankless job
  • How personal Haikus allow us to express our own experience and the stoic, noble nature of our role

In this 10 minute segment, we address the benefits of self-motivation for days when the abuse and negativity may become oppressive. At times like these, being personally motivated can give you a reserve and focus to draw upon. We'll focus on the power of personal mission statements to guide us, motivate us and remind us of what we stand for, our values and commitment to our position and organization, our field and our own career, as well as to our customers. We'll also look at the healing power of haikus — short personal poems, we can write to express our experiences as professionals.