Seminar ID: 100724

E-mail Tips and Strategies That Elevate CSRs to Customer Contact Professionals

Presented By:
Al Borowski

Priority Communication Skills

You will Learn:

  • The three jobs of a subject line
  • How to create subject lines that rock
  • Three secrets for creating professional e-mails
  • The three jobs of bullets
  • The three rules for using bullets

Customer service representatives are trained to provide exceptional customer service. They are professionals. Many times, providing exceptional customer service requires exchanging e-mail messages with customers and clients. Effective e-mails require a specific set of skills to save time and produce results for both the CRSs and the customers. This preview segment reveals some of the secrets the full 60-minute version of this webinar discuss to ensure polished and professional e-mails. This preview will discuss the Organizational strategies CRSs need to know and use in creating Subject Lines that attract attention, traps to avoid that turn customers off, and how to use Bullets to bring your messages to life.