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E-mail Tips and Strategies That Elevate CSRs to Customer Contact Professionals

January 27, 2014

Customer service representatives are trained to provide exceptional customer service. They are professionals. Many times, providing exceptional customer service requires exchanging e-mail messages with customers and clients. Effective e-mails require a specific set of skills to save time and produce results for both the CRSs and the customers. This preview segment reveals some of the secrets the full 60-minute version of this webinar discuss to ensure polished and professional e-mails. This preview will discuss the Organizational strategies CRSs need to know and use in creating Subject Lines that attract attention, traps to avoid that turn customers off, and how to use Bullets to bring your messages to life.

What Does Your Customer Really Want?

December 10, 2013

Often times we assume we already know what the customer wants. And many times we’re surprised when our presumptions are incorrect. This situation generally occurs when we work in a repetitive environment – one where we find ourselves saying the same things over and over and over again. Especially when the 15th call of the day starts with what appears to be a similar need we addressed during the first call of our day. We’ll share several solutions for you to consider during this 10 minute segment of our full on-demand webinar, "Managing Telephone Communication For Great Customer Service," which include various call screening techniques, effective probing techniques, and tips for listening on purpose.

Self-Motivation: What Do You Stand For?

April 25, 2013

In this 10 minute segment, we address the benefits of self-motivation for days when the abuse and negativity may become oppressive. At times like these, being personally motivated can give you a reserve and focus to draw upon. We'll focus on the power of personal mission statements to guide us, motivate us and remind us of what we stand for, our values and commitment to our position and organization, our field and our own career, as well as to our customers. We'll also look at the healing power of haikus — short personal poems, we can write to express our experiences as professionals.

Using Geographic Information to Provide Better Customer Care

October 22, 2012

It is tempting to believe that where customers are physically located no longer matters. High-speed Internet is widely available and communication tools such as text messaging, email, teleconferencing, video chat and social media have made people more accessible than ever before. Organizations can be out of touch with the physical locations of their callers, which can increase costs and result in poor customer service. However, geography still matters. This 10-minute webinar will help senior contact center and business leaders take the necessary steps to increase awareness of customer geography to improve customer care. This webinar will also explain ideas and best practices.

Combat Customer Service Stresses: Motivation Techniques to Boost Productivity

February 22, 2012

This 30-minute webinar addresses the inherent stress of customer service explaining the need to perform emotional labor with emotional intelligence, provide guidance for designing a stress recovery system that works for the unique individual you are and enhance your customers’ overall satisfaction.