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Basic Spanish for Customer Service Professionals

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Understanding how to communicate with a Spanish speaking customer can help bridge the language barrier and help these customers get the assistance they require.

As Hispanic communities and populations increase at a double-digit rate, the need to serve them in quality customer service does as well. Sadly, the only way most agents today interact with a Spanish-speaking person is by communicating either through an interpreter or an electronic device. Such practices only lead to discomfort, suspicion, or complete misunderstanding. Personal knowledge of the Spanish language not only makes a customer feel more appreciated, but it also leads to a noticeable increase in business growth. The Hispanic community embraces those businesses that show they care. The good news is that even learning a few key phrases can dramatically improve one's ability to communicate. With proper training, it is not long before a Spanish learner is able to handle safety concerns, customer complaints, and essential policy regulations. What a difference it makes when customers and service reps can share a common language.
This information offers applied Spanish for the workplace to facilitate basic communication with those who lack the ability to converse in English. Emphasis is on career-specific terminology that targets the world of customer service. Upon completion, you will be able to communicate at a functional level with native speakers while at the same time demonstrate cultural sensitivity. Emphasis is on verbal interaction while applying language skills in a real-life setting.


William C. Harvey, Barron's Educational Series, Inc.

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