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Why Customer Service Reps Are Providing Poor Service and How to Stop It

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Understand why customer service reps are providing poor service, and learn how to fix it to retain a favorable relationship with customers.Many organizations either take for granted or jeopardize the existing customer relationships they have by delivering incredibly bad customer service. They do not understand how to manage client relationships by delivering exceptional customer service, which puts at risk the business they currently have with existing customers who will likely leave them for a competitor that delivers a higher level of desired service.
This topic helps the persons responsible for delivering customer service in their organizations to deliver exceptional service that maintains business with existing customers while forging stronger relationships which leads to additional business as well as new business from existing customers in the form of referrals of new clients from their existing customers.
The content also provides immediately actionable best practices for you to build a culture of exceptional customer care to deliver lasting competitive advantage in the markets you compete in.


Ethan L. Chazin, M.B.A., The Chazin Group LLC

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