Tell-Tale Signs Your Customer is Confused, Upset, or Dissatisfied

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July 19, 2013 — 23,471 views  
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Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to any firm. Any company or establishment that hopes to sustain itself and grow needs to recognize that nothing comes even close to the customers' satisfaction in terms of importance. Every business is built on the foundation of a happy customer. If a customer is unhappy, then the business is empty, and will fail. Customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator in businesses and is a crucial marker of competition among companies in the market.

Considering the importance of customer satisfaction to the health of a company, it is essential for companies to have a reliable and efficient team of customer service representatives. These customer service representatives have to posses a specific skill set to provide their customers with impeccable service. But one crucial skill that these personnel must posses is perception. They must be perceptive as to what the customer needs and how to deal with the customer. Before this, they must be able to recognize if a customer is dis-satisfied or confused.

There exist several tell-tale signs that show if the customer is confused or dis-satisfied. These signs should be picked up by customer service representatives, especially those who work with customers in close quarters.

Signs of a Confused Customer:

  • A confused customer is a common type of customer you can find in your store.
  • The most obvious sign of confused customers is that they will walk around directionless for a long time, waiting for their problem to be addressed.
  • They will constantly keep looking around, trying to identify a member of the staff. They will end up asking many other customers if they are staff members, which is very awkward for both parties.
  • One kind of confused customer is an indecisive customer. They will change their mind multiple times, even after fixing on what they want to buy, or whether they want to buy anything at all.
  • Another kind of confused customer is who cannot find his way around the place and will be nervous to ask for help. You can recognize this kind by the way they constantly keep checking for signboards.
  • If a customer keeps checking the price tag for every product they look at, it’s clear that they have a budget in mind and are confused as to where to look. You can help them by directing them to the right section.

Signs of an Upset Customer

  • Upset customers are common in many companies. This is primarily due to bad customer service.
  • The first sign of an upset customer is the use of a loud voice.
  • Agitated hand gestures increase proportionately with the customer's level of being upset.
  • An upset customer may turn aggressive. In this case he will be disrespectful, and will demand to speak to a higher authority.
  • An upset customer will usually surround himself with familiar people like family or friends for support, so you can recognize him or her by spotting such a group.

Signs of a Dis-Satisfied Customer

  • A dis-satisfied customer is usually not as aggressive as an upset customer.
  • The customer will usually engage in a long conversation with staff members, explaining their problems at length. Patience is a virtue that the service representative must posses in such situations.

These are basic visual clues that can be used to identify confused, upset, or dis-satisfied customers. Customer service representatives must keep in mind the above signs so that they may be prepared to handle such customers at any time.

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