5 Strategies to Improve Your Company's Customer Service

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June 21, 2013 — 1,744 views  
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Customer service is the service extended to a customer before, during, and after the purchase of a service or product so as to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with it. Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in determining the success of any industry. So, it is important for a company to have a strategic customer service policy in place.     

Model, Observe, and Fix

It is necessary for all companies to keep in mind that they exist only because of their customers. So, it is essential for a company to be aware of the needs and expectations of its customers and to adopt customer service policies that are modeled around the requirements of the customers. It is also crucial to ensure that the service is provided to every customer, consistently.

In order to structure a good customer service policy, collecting feedback from customers is important as it gives a realistic account of the experiences and expectations of the customers. This can be done through regular personal interviews or questionnaires. Some customers could also be called in to speak at training sessions so as to give the employees a better picture of what a customer expects of them. Sharing of personal experiences by employees can also be of help. In addition, for the success of any policy, it is important that it be followed by every employee of the organization, irrespective of whether they come into direct contact with the customer or not.

A leader, who constantly interacts with customers and assists the staff whenever needed, can also be appointed to ensure the smooth implementation of the policy. Since the leader has first-hand experience of what is actually happening, he or she can undertake measures to improve the policy. In addition, the employees also feel comfortable, knowing that the leader is always around, in case an issue should arise.

Every policy needs reviewing and modification from time to time. The fact holds true in this case too. No policy can be perfect, and rectifying errors as soon as they are noticed, is vital. In case of negative customer feedback, making amends at the earliest is also crucial.    

Customer Preference over Everything

It is only natural for a customer to choose a company that makes him or her feel welcome and important. So, taking into consideration the preferences of the customer is a matter of priority. It is also important to ensure that the customer feels comfortable. ‘Service with a smile’ is one of the important aspects of customer service. A friendly conversation with the customer helps in strengthening the bond of trust. Sharing information on the product or service helps provide a better picture of the requirements of the customer. Availability, easy accessibility, and accountability also play a crucial role in customer satisfaction.  

Improving Skills

In order to provide good customer service, good communication skills and appropriate body language are a must. The use of incorrect vocabulary or an inappropriate tone of voice can affect customer relationships adversely. Regular training sessions focusing on people skills, language skills, and body language are important.

Analyzing customer feedback can also widen the scope for improvement. In order to ensure that employees work toward self-improvement, incentives in the form of an ‘Employee of the Month Award’ could be introduced, based on customer feedback and regular monitoring. Regular discussions and sharing of views in an open forum can also help in improving employee skills.

Customer service is important since the customer directly influences the revenue flow of a company. So, a good customer service strategy ensures that the customer will not only choose your company over others in the future, but will also recommend it to others, in turn widening the scope of business and increasing profits.

Customer Service Training Resource