Critical Key Performance Indicators for Customer Service Representatives

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June 5, 2013 — 1,557 views  
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The role of customer service representatives is being able to provide world class sales service as well as a great interaction. Having skilled staff will go a long way into improving a brands reputation for how they treat their clientele – something that is invaluable in attracting more customers.

The Key Performance Indicators for Customer Service Representatives

As with any industry, it is essential to gauge the potential as well as ability of the staff that represent your company. Key Performance Indicators (known in the industry as KPI’s) play a vital role in helping you get to know the capabilities of your staff better. KPI’s are mediums that focus on a customer service representative’s ability to achieve the key objectives of the company. KPIs need to be concise and easy-to-understand for both the customer service representative as well as their supervisor. The management should look at a small set of numbers that reflect an individual’s performance as a customer service representative and be able to gauge how he or she fares when compared to the rest of the department.

KPIs are generally made up of factors that:

  • Gauge the individual’s ability when it comes to dealing with key factors that are considered to ‘drive’ the business
  • Ensure that the representative is focused to the business
  • Able to keep a calm head and make decisions that benefit the business

It is essential to ensure that KPIs are always made up of quantifiable data and not simply one manager’s opinion of an individual. While the manager’s opinion should be taken into consideration, it should be held independent of the KPI index to ensure that the performance is gauged only on pure data.

Metrics for Call Center Representatives

Measuring good customer service representative skills can be harder than you imagine. Call center representatives need to ensure that any personal anger or irritation does not overflow into their duties. While it is hard to keep personal lives completely separate from professional ones, this skill is absolutely vital when it comes to customer service representatives. One bad interaction with a loyal customer could sever the relationship completely. Additionally, the call center representative needs to ensure that he or she keeps calm through some of the most stressful conversations. The fact that all interaction is over the phone means that personal touch during the conversation needs to be taken care of.

Some of the better-known metrics for gauging ability of customer care representatives include:

  • The amount of time it takes to help a customer with their query
  • Speed as well as accuracy of data entry work
  • Frequency with which customers need to call back because incomplete information was given
  • The ability to keep a customer engaged and receptive during the conversation
  • The ability of the individual to execute any escalations as well as properly follow decision trees that have been setup

All in all, good customer service representation is vital for any business and being able to gauge your representatives on a regular basis will ensure that the quality of your business does not suffer. Feedback from customers after they have interacted with any of your customer service representatives will also help you gather enough information to continually improve your service.

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