Essential Email Skills for Customer Service Professionals

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May 8, 2013 — 1,313 views  
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For customer service professionals, simple and courteous email communication can help to enhance the relationship with their customers and will also increase productivity. At the same time, bad email skills can cause frustration for customers, coworkers, and other people you deal with. So, it is very important for customer service executives to have effective and crisp email skills. They should be well-trained to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Improving your email skills will help to create an overall positive impression with every email that you send. It will also help you improve your relations with your customers and colleagues. It is important to cover all the aspects of customer service, when exploring the fundamental skills required for creating and fostering a professional and positive image through good email skills.

Write a Subject Line that Represents the Mail Content Well

When filling in the subject line in an email, make it a point to write something short and uncomplicated that represents the topics you will be covering in the email. By reading the subject, the recipient of the mail should be able to figure out as much information as he can about the purpose of the email. Writing nothing in the subject line or long, unclear subject lines can lead to confusion at the recipient's side. This may have a negative impact on the customer.

Format the Text so That it is Clear

Once you have drafted your email, make sure that it is formatted in a way that makes the text easy to read and understand. Ensure that the headings are properly highlighted and important information is easily noticeable. Bad formatting can reduce the quality of the email. Correct formatting is more important than many people think it is, and is a vital part of good email communication skills.

Proofread and Spell Check

Another important aspect of good email skills is proofreading the content of the mail thoroughly. This involves checking facts and figures as well as running a spell check to ensure you have not made any spelling errors. Remember to also remove any content that is not relevant and content which the customer or client may not find professional. Unlike a telephonic conversation, emails are recorded and can cause significant issues if unwanted or sensitive information is misplaced.

Include Professional Salutations

When writing the salutations in your email, always keep it professional and simple. Do not at any point try to impress you recipient in the wrong way. Every part of the email should be simple, straightforward, and professional including the salutations.

Attaching Relevant Files

Another important part of good email skills in customer service is attaching relevant and required files. Always remember to attach all the files that are needed as a reference to the content of the mail. Do not attach all the files you can find on that topic, but attach only those that are relevant to the subject matter discussed in the email. 

With the right communication skills and professional attitude, you can turn your emails into tools that will help you create and maintain excellent relations with your customers and clients. It will lead you on a path to success as a customer service professional.

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