How to Exceed a Customer's Expectations

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April 18, 2013 — 1,405 views  
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Customer service is one of the most important pillars of an organization that determine the growth of the company in the industry. Over the years, many customer service professionals have been on a mission to find the recipe for customer satisfaction. There have been many studies and surveys conducted to determine methods that can enhance customer experience. You can also find hundreds of books that focus on being the best customer service professional. Now, all customer service professionals are looking out for solutions to exceed the expectations of a customer. The answers are quite simple as the tips below.

Know your Customer

During most of the time that is spent on interacting with a customer, you are so engrossed in your performance that you forget the chief matter of importance. Yes, customer service is the goal but you need to know your customer very well to achieve your goal. Understand the problems faced by the customer and empathize. Treat your customers as your friends or family members. Listen to them, and learn about their expectations.

Meet First, Exceed Later

You always try to exceed customer expectations, which is quite commendable. Have you ever tried to channel your efforts into just meeting customer expectations instead of overachieving? Customers want their problems resolved in a simple manner and as quickly as possible. They also want to have genuine interactions with the company and know that the company cares about them. Whenever customer service professionals try to exceed expectations it leads to a decline in customer retention.

Trash the Script

Scripts make you sound like programmed robots. Scripts also do not help you when you need to react in impulsive situations. Be yourself, and respond to your customer in a humane way. Engage them in a conversation and earn their trust. Do not use complicated technical jargons while talking to customers, but switch to simple comprehendible language. Actively engage in a conversation with your customers while making them feel comfortable, build a good rapport, and earn their trust.

Avoid the Practice of Upselling

Honest customer service professionals are more likely to please customers than the ones who merely try to sell products using dishonest means or other corrupt marketing techniques. Customers appreciate honesty, and would like to know how a product or service could help them. They would also take a negative reply if delivered honestly and with genuine concern. You can try recommending products, services, or alternative solutions to a customer’s problem with an honest approach that enhances your relationship and increases customer retention.

Concentrate on the Voice of the Customer

Ensure that all strategies, plans, processes, and operations of the company are based on the voice of the customer. Take active feedbacks from your customers and use the metrics to enhance customer experience. You can improve your processes by using behavioral psychology of customers to your advantage, and incorporating measures to treat customers better. These measures include plans like involving customers in actions of the company or inviting them to participate in activities that drive innovation in your company. Increase social interaction with customers to strengthen customer loyalty.

All these measures can help you meet customer expectations and please them enough to advocate your brand, increase sales, and be loyal to your company.

Customer Service Training Resource