Using the Voice of the Customer to Enhance the Customer Experience

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April 2, 2013 — 1,253 views  
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Every company invests in business development, advertising, and marketing. These are the basic tools that lead to the growth of the company. Companies also focus on market research, which is used to build marketing strategies and targeting clients and consumers. A study conducted in Europe and the U.S. shows that companies who base their strategies on the voice of the customer, are more likely to do better than their counterparts in the industry.

An Enhanced Customer Service

Social media interactions with customers have evidently increased sales for companies that deliver products and services. It has also been observed that when companies value opinions of customers regarding their products and services they are likely to get positive feedback, make more sales, and grow rapidly in the industry.

Voice of the customer is very important in customer service since it gives all the information needed to make alterations and improve the ways that can help please customers. Furthermore, the companies can also invest in marketing strategies that are bound to bring good returns instead of futile attempts at business development. Businesses can build strong relationships with their customers if they act on customer feedback.

Discover Flaws through Voice of the Customer

Many companies have teams that regard customer feedback to be a mere formality in the process of organizational development. This attitude has led to many dissatisfied customers, and a huge communication gap between the company and its customers. Organizations that succeed in delivering satisfactory customer service are those that balance expectations with the demands and needs of customers.

There are numerous cases where customers will not be able to voice out what exactly they require from the company. Their feedbacks will hold the information that companies can use to create disruptive technologies. Flaws in products and services, which even companies miss during quality control and testing processes, can be discovered through customer feedback.

Regular interactions with customers and heeding to the voice of the customer can help a company improve process, delivery, effectiveness, quality, products, and services. Goals of a company should be centered on the voice of the customer. It is true that businesses aim to grow, invest, and dig for maximum returns. Everything a business does is aimed at customers, and if they are not involved in the process of planning and development, a business cannot reach ultimate success.

Innovation through Crowdsourcing Techniques

Customer experience can be enhanced to many levels depending on how much a company tries to involve its customers in their internal processes. There are many smart businesses like Starbucks and Ford that invite customers to participate in the process of innovation. Creativity is the core of any business, and when customers are involved in driving this process, the overall customer experience is enhanced. In the end, products and services are designed to fit the needs of customers since the ideas come from the perspective of customers who know what is most necessary and appealing to them.

There are numerous small companies that are built on crowdsourcing ideas for products and services, thus creating disruptive technologies that revolutionize the industry time after time. In all the studies and surveys conducted on how customer experience can be improved, there is one result that is prominent, which is to prioritize the voice of the customer and use it to propel customer experience and business development.

Customer Service Training Resource