Best Practices for In-person Customer Service

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March 12, 2013 — 2,155 views  
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Customer service is the key to any successful business. Building a strong and healthy relationship with your customers will help establish your brand as a reliable one. An unhappy customer is as good as a lost customer. In-person customer service is the best type of customer one service can get!

Personalize your Service

Although in-person service is a personal form to begin with, you can go a step further by adding a few extra touches. For instance, address your customer by their name whenever you can, but be careful not to over-do it. Keep track of what they like, the things they buy, their means of transacting, and so on. This way you can be one-step ahead of just any service person. Ensure you are consistent so that the customer is treated the same way every time.

Always Respond

An ignored customer is an angry customer. Always remember to respond to customers promptly, no matter what their inquiries are. Complaints should be give special attention. Customers often have a good reason to complain, and the best thing you could do for your business is fix the problem. Do your best to not delay the handling of customer requests and complaints. Do not say things like ‘that’s how it works’, because you will just have a customer who is angry and will probably not buy from you anymore.

Do not make any commitments that you cannot or do not intend on keeping, ensure you are honest and straightforward in all your interactions with customers.

Follow Rules and Systems

Staying in line with rules and systems that are set up will help you be more organized. The saying that ‘the customer is always right’ should be at the forefront of everything you do. Following rules will leave little room for errors and if any are made, they should be corrected immediately. Informal or formal surveys are a great way to help get some great ideas.

Be Tech Savvy

Most business these days are all run with the help of technology. Using latest technology is a great way of saving time and making sure you are doing things right. However, do not overuse technology, especially when you are with clients because they should not feel like they are dealing with a machine.

Computers are great for maintaining records and foster the personalization aspect of your service, but just ensure your systems are correctly in place.

Involve People and get Increasingly Interactive

Making people feel involved is a great way to work your charm. If you have the time and resources, going behind-the-scenes and working with workers and technicians once in a while could do a lot of good, and promote that that feeling that you genuinely care. You could take a human resources person with you, or be accompanied by a manager with an expertise. This will not only increase awareness for the employees of the organization but will also make customers feel like everyone is interested and concerned with their part of the business. Make sure to interact as much as you can with customers and get their feedback too.

Customer Service Training Resource