Best Practices for Customer Service Upselling

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March 4, 2013 — 1,567 views  
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Upselling your product or service will result in the generation of massive revenues for your organization. A number of techniques have been discovered and tried. Some of these principles are discussed below and these will help all customer service professionals.

Never be too Pushy or in a Hurry

Although upselling can boost your sales and also the value you get per customer, using these techniques is not an alternative for traditional methods of marketing and sales. When you decide to upsell in your business, customer value should be the primary deciding factor.

Being too pushy makes your goal a little too obvious and could end up annoying customers. Always make sure you are subtle and make the customer feel like the option is in his hands and you are just making suggestions.

Sometimes, the ideal tactic to upsell is to suggest a costlier or even just an additional item once the customer has made his purchase. This needs to be done very carefully, never interrupt the customer while they are trying to pick one item; this will spoil the whole experience and could lead to the client abandoning the purchase all together.

Recommend Actively

If you know what a customer wants, do all you can to recommend those products to the individual. It is important to provide recommendations that are relevant and in league with what the customer is looking for.

Studying the browsing behavior of your customers is a great way to learn about what their preferences are. Indulging in live chats is a great way to communicate with customers, and will give you the additional opportunity to make recommendations.

This strategy of making recommendations is critical if the services you provide are complicated or if your inventory is large. In some instances, this is the only way to reveal all your services and products to potential buyers.

Reason Sensibly

Once you have concluded that your client can buy certain additional services or products, the next step is to make a recommendation. Remember, while making a recommendation you should have a good reason for doing so and be able to justify your suggestion.

If you are not sensible with your selling recommendations, it is easy to lose the sale. Customers are likely to have questions and doubts about your suggestions, and this is the time when you need to back up your ideas with ratings, testimonials and even reviews.

Bundling is a Great Idea

Sometimes your client may need more than one product or service, so there is no point in them buying each of these separately. Bundling these together could save not only you and your customer time but you may even be able to offer a more competitive price.

Customers are known to love integrated offers because it allows them to get all the things they need with ease. The customer service professional should like this strategy because it helps increase value per sale and cuts down on your marketing costs overall.

Customer Service Training Resource