How to Hire the Best Customer Service Representatives

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February 1, 2013 — 1,268 views  
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A business should ensure that it hires the right customer service representatives. Hiring someone having good customer service skills leads to a higher turnover rate in the company. Clients are normally concerned about effective customer service which can maintain and strengthen their relationship with the business.

What Skills Should Customer Service Representatives Have?

1. Oral and Written Communication skills

The first thing to check while interviewing a candidate for the position of a customer service representative would be his ability to interact verbally in an articulate and effective manner. This will let you know whether he can engage the client. If you have a tough time in understanding what the person is trying to state, then you should inadvertently assume that the client will face similar issues. 

One of the most essential customer service skills would be written communication skills. It is imperative that the candidate knows how to express himself in a correct and logical manner. Emphasis must also be given to correct grammar and spellings.

2. Problem Solving Abilities

One of the important customer service skills that the representative should have is the ability to solve basic level mathematical problems. There might be instances that he may require computation of partial refunds or certain percentages while interacting with clients; and a wrong calculation can result in losses and embarrassment to the company. Apart from that, the executive must also be able to handle client problems and issues in a professional way by showing utmost respect and patience. It is important to tackle sensitive issues by keeping all the company policies and procedures into consideration, and not to show unprofessionalism in certain demanding circumstances. 

3. Good Time Managers

Customer service is a very important part of the company affairs and this makes punctuality and regularity another important aspect for deciding on the appointment of a representative. This point should be stressed from the very beginning; otherwise frequently absent representatives lead to a longer queue time and angry customers. 

What Questions Should You Ask Candidates During the Hiring Process?

  • Inquire about the candidates’ work experience in a similar capacity.
  • Ask whether they are aware of the services and products of your company.
  • Ask why they feel that they are perfect for this job opportunity.
  • Ask them why they enjoy working as a customer service representative. 
  • Put forward questions to know about their strengths and drawbacks in handling customers.
  • Ask them about the value additions that they have made to enhance their efficiency.
  • Ask them to cite an incident wherein they had effectively tackled a critical client issue.
  • Inquire how they have saved costs and time, and helped to increase revenue in their previous employment.
  • Ask them why they consider themselves as a team player.
  • Find out how much they know about the various customer service systems that are used.
  • Ask them about the type of team they are most comfortable working with.
  • Know about the type of team they have previously worked in.
  • Ask them about any skills they have acquired recently for their professional growth.
  • Ask them about the schedule that they are interested in and also find out their availability to work in extra shifts.

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