Keeping Your Customer Service Staff Motivated

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January 15, 2013 — 1,535 views  
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Customer service staff is an essential part of any business. The performance of your staff will depend upon how happy and motivated they are. In order to be successful, the managers of a firm must know their customer service staff well and inculcate a philosophy of excellence. While common techniques for building team morale include staff meetings, individual coaching, performance reviews, team building activities, etc., it is not always possible to ensure that your team is firing on all cylinders.

Following are a few ways in which you can motivate your customer service staff to enhance their performance and deliver excellent results. The most important thing for a manager is to ensure that he/she is well-defined. You will have to lay the foundation for your team. Ground rules must be set up and clearly communicated with the team in order to keep the employees on the same page as the manager. A respected boss always gets the best of his/her team, so make sure you lead by example as this will aid you in motivating your executives when they need individual help.

Conferences and Team Huddles

Setting up round table conferences with your staff on a regular basis will enhance team morale. Great performances can be achieved if team morale is at high levels. Weekly discussions about work and the business are recommended. Learn what the employees think of the business, whether they are clear about the principles on which the company runs, what exactly they are involved with, and why their job is important. Focused employees will surely help your business grow faster.

Free-flowing conversations at team huddles will enable you to better understand your employees and make decisions that will work towards motivating them. Your staff will have a platform where they can discuss professional matters with their colleagues, so short team huddles must be organized on a daily basis.

Make Your Staff Feel More Important

Most companies make decisions at the management level and completely disregard other employees. While this may be in the best interests of the company, it can have a negative impact on the employees. The management may discuss matters of prime importance, but your employees must be able to have a say in other matters. Do not always make decisions behind closed doors; instead, meetings in the bay will make the staff feel more relaxed and make good decisions. Keeping the staff from having a word in decisions will only create a gap between them and the management, which will result in poor performances in the long-run.

Incentive Programs

The main reason why people work is to earn money. You can try to motivate your employees by giving them incentives based on their performance. If you choose to establish a profit-sharing or incentive program, your staff will be truly motivated and work their socks off for the company as well as themselves. Since bonuses and added benefits can be attained if the entire company performs well, your employees will work harder to enhance the overall performance of your firm. 

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