Using Twitter for Customer Service

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January 7, 2013 — 1,211 views  
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Nowadays, many companies use the social media platform, Twitter, not only for marketing and promoting their products, but also for communicating with their customers. There are many advantages of using this new age media platform as a mode of customer support. Here, customer queries can be answered in a quick manner by just posting tweets. Providing customer service in this way takes up less time and money, as compared to a professional call center, and so cost reduction to a large extent is possible.

There are many ways in which one can optimize the use of this social media network for customer care purposes. Given below are some practices which customer care professionals can follow to get the best out of this social media network.

Respond Quickly

The quality and speed of your response is a prime factor which helps in building up a good rapport with the customers. Do set yourself a response time and ensure that the queries are answered within that set time. If you find someone complaining about an issue, then tweet them if they would like you to intervene in the matter. If they respond in a positive manner, then you can study the issue and then provide the appropriate response.

If the problem requires immediate attention, then you can message the customer in private instead of tweeting, so that an undisturbed and detailed conversation is possible. You can also provide your email id or even your personal phone number, if the issue is too sensitive.

Use the right tools

One of the important challenges of a customer care executive is to find the tweets which mention their particular brand. With a huge number of tweets being posted each day, one needs to find a method to sort out the tweets of his interest. This is possible with tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck which can be downloaded free from the internet. These tools will allow you to set up streams for the mention of your brand. You can also enable notifications so that you will be able to carry on with your work without missing a customer complaint.

Team Communication

Team communication is an important aspect which determines the customer service quality of a brand. The quality of service will be lowered if many people from one team respond to a single query at the same time. So, before answering query, see whether anyone else from your team has responded to it already. If you take up the query, then you should also remember to inform your teammates about the same.

Recognize Frauds

One should always respond to a customer complaint in a professional and pleasing manner. However, it’s quite possible that some people may try to bad mouth your brand on a public platform. A customer care professional should be able to recognize such frauds. One should also stop responding to such queries if they deliberately try to drag you into a public argument.

Set Timings

Since Twitter services are available 24X7, customers will normally expect their queries to be answered at any time of the day.  But for small startup companies, this is not a feasible option. So, it is recommended that you state a particular timing when your account will be open for business. In this manner, you will be able to provide real-time customer care in an efficient manner.

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