Top 5 Must-Have Customer Service Skills

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January 2, 2013 — 1,340 views  
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There are many job opportunities for customer care executives in service sector companies in the BPO, hospitality, and retail domains. The main goal of a customer service executive is to address and solve the needs and issues of the customer in a quick and pleasing manner. The success and failure of a company hugely depends on its customer service. Listed below are the 5 must-have customer service skills that one should possess so as to be successful.

Good Communication Skills

The primary quality a customer service executive should possess is good communication skills. Your way of speaking should be clear and you should also use appropriate words. Strong communication and listening skills will help you to provide clear instructions and assistance to the customers. The information should be provided in an appropriate tone that will in turn put the customer at ease.

Aside from verbal communication, you need to be proficient in written communication. You should write in a clear and concise manner and ensure there are no grammatical and syntax errors.

Product Knowledge

It is essential for a customer service executive to have a sound understanding of their company’s products and services. To help a customer with a specific product, you should be first aware of what that particular product is all about. This will enable one to assist the customer in a quick and efficient manner. Such product knowledge can be obtained through the company’s educational programs or by having hands-on work experience at the company. Having a strong knowledge about the products and company procedures will instill confidence in you, which will in turn help you to provide excellent customer service.


One of the must-have customer service skills of an executive is professionalism. You should understand that you are representing your company and its products in public. Hence, you should be respectful and demonstrate confidence in the company and its products. You should also never take a customer’s comment in a personal manner and should maintain a calm and friendly tone, even if the scenario turns ugly. You should be patient when dealing with customers and should respond to their queries in a confident manner.

Problem Solving Skills

A customer care executive should possess excellent problem-solving skills. You may face queries regarding a variety of problems. You should study the information, identify the problem, and resolve it in a quick and timely manner. For this, you need to utilize the resources available to you efficiently and should also prioritize the times. Sometimes, it may also become essential for you to think outside the box to solve the problem in an effective way.

Capable to Work under Pressure

The job of a customer service executive can be demanding at times, as in one may have to face immense work pressure. Sometimes, you may be required to solve several tasks simultaneously to meet the targets and deadlines. However, you should never let these factors affect your customer relations and should be able to deliver quality work even under pressure. You should be action-oriented and work effectively, both individually and in a team.

Customer Service Training Resource