How to Create a Customer Service Plan

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November 15, 2012 — 1,394 views  
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How to Create a Customer Service Plan

"Customer is king"; "If we don't take care of our customers, someone else will" say two familiar proverbs of unknown origin that promote the idea of the importance of good customer service. Addressing a customer’s needs or wants in the most positive, professional way possible is the key to building a large, loyal customer base. However, this does not happen by accident or just because you have a valuable product or service. This is something you achieve by creating an effective customer service plan.

What are the basic steps of developing an effective customer service plan? Know yourself. Know your customer. Create service policies based on internal and customer analysis. Build a culture of customer service through effective implementation of service policies. Educate your staff.

Know Yourself

One of the most effective ways to do an internal analysis by using the SWOT analysis method. This process could be as simple as making of list or strengths, weaknesses, observations, and threats or it could be in chart format. Keep the customer in mind when doing this for a customer service plan. It is beneficial to involve as many layers in the company as possible. Each layer has different observations about and interactions with the product and customer. A SWOT analysis simplifies and expedites the process of deciding what you need to do to improve customer service.

Know the Customer

Once the internal analysis is complete, move on to an environmental scan or external analysis as relates to the customer. Take a look at how your industry is doing with customer service. Take note of what you would like and how it appears to be working in terms of the bottom line. Seek customer feedback. Everyone has an opinion and loves voicing it. Quick, well-planned surveys can yield valuable information about customer likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. Addressing these issues is how you retain your customer. It is also how to get your customer to tell others why they may want to do business with your company. Once customer insight is compiled, decide what you want to change within your organization and what you want to keep, with the goal of building value and competitive advantage our of customer service.

Create Service Policies

The next step is to create service policies. Having written policies aid in maintaining consistency throughout the organization. Policies also offer a foundation for employee training. The policies will be part of the customer service plan with a timeline and details on how to implement.

Build a Culture of Customer Service

Now is the time for implementation. Educate employees on customer services policies and why they are critical to company success. Model customer service policies to the point that it becomes second nature for all and part of company culture.


Customer Service Training Resource