Keys To Creating Hassle-Free Customer Return Policies

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November 14, 2012 — 1,611 views  
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Keys To Creating Hassle-Free Customer Return Policies

A return policy that is hassle-free and friendly to customers helps businesses whether the business is online or in a street based building. Customers will shop where they find what they are looking for. Often times, knowing that another business offers a hassle-free return policy may cause a customer to take a second look at buying products from that company instead. People love to give gifts, but it's a fact that a certain percentage of those gifts will end up being returned by the recipient.

There Will Be Returns

Whether the return is because of a wrong size or color, or simply because the product was something the recipient didn't really want, chances are they may need to return something. Offering a great, easy to use and hassle-free return policy is a fantastic way to offer good customer service. Customers remember these things and come back to a business that is easy to deal with.

Many times, their loyalty to your business depends on them having a good experience no matter what dealings they have with your business. Customers want to know they are getting good value, a good deal, and that they have an easy to use return policy in case something they bought during their transaction needs to be returned. Making a return policy easy to use and hassle-free helps your business to create customer loyalty, and chances are they will tell their friends how easy your business is to deal with.

Creating An Easy And Hassle-Free Return Policy

Creating hassle-free return policies is easy when you keep a few tips in mind.

- Make the policy simple to understand

- Try to make your return policy easy to use - Nothing turns a customer off
more than a return policy that is pages long with a lot of different rules
and variables. If it's hard to understand, they may not even try.

- If possible, offer free shipping for returns - Yes, this is a cost to
business, so to make it more worthwhile you could limit the free shipping to
items that are over a certain price.

- Try not to include extra costs to the consumer such as re-stocking fees.

- A bigger time period to return items is very attractive and provides good
customer service.

Following a few simple guidelines for creating a hassle-free return policy for your business can lead to increased sales!


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